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As always when I make a Critique. I will look at the Image, and there is quite something to look at en?. (Hue Hue Hue) Rate, then give my comments on each section I rated.

Okay I have looked at it and I will start with a little side note that every one has seen by now ... BOOBS. There I said it. Well really to be kind there are three ladies (Hermm seems I am being quite respectful in calling them ladies and now women...anyway!) sitting on the beach of there Island enjoying there time away from the world that seems to be disconnected from this spot and that might be a good thing or a bad thing aside from what is conesrn from the most part. Hay if I understand what I said half the time..wait I am writing so I do! Anyway. That Charazard. (Might have spelled that wrong :| ) What a beautiful image of mothers enjoying some time away from there lifes, clearly they are in a relaxed state that is hard to get elsewhere. Not My image/Vision here is slightly burry but I have a feeling that is because of the setting and brush used. I am guessing you where going for a ocean sweep look with a myst. But I am amusing again. On that note, the Originality of this image thou used before, with humans, is still quite nice to look at because it tells a story that words can't quite explain. The look on there face, the seen in the back the over all feel is very relaxing and inviting. (Wish I could be there.) But moving on the time it must have taking to get this and the fact every time I see your drawings it makes my mind just want to write! (Well you got me here, thats a start xD) So this is a very fine and clearly getting better Technique. As for the overall statement/Impact, do I really have to say it again. This Image clearly tells you whats going on there is no need to guess what is going on and hell we have food and soda. We is cool now bro/sis!

Well that was the Pre-rating. Now I rate the image based on what I see and what I said. THis is done from my view standing so others might have there own view on this and I say let them speak there mind but your reading this so you are clearly engaged in my view or want to know what I am thinking about it. Also, Peanuts. Because you are reading this far might as well give you something random! Now back to the Critique.

Vision: I give you a 4 and a half out of 5 because of the fact in the back round I feel that there is something obscuring the view. Call me bad but even that throws me off a little. But that is not the main view point. We are looking at the Ladies and I can see them clear as day. The Sand and other objects all look clear as well. I can tell what everything is and not have to second guess when I look. (Save for the clouds because of the Ocean spray/filter.)

Originality: I give you a 5 out of 5. Because in this I have to say it is you and always you. Your drawings have always been like ventage eye candy that pleases me to no end. Just looking at this one I want to keep it to look at. But I have it here to look at as well! The down side, because there always is one to everything in life, is the fact that well it has that pop (Amazing what shadow detailing will do.) The dragoness on the left. her hand is a little I want to say goofed but then again I know hands are one of the hardest things to draw. So I did not mark you down for it.

Technique: I give you a 5 out of 5. This is quite the work of art and you have always given us something to view and see with such shock and aw. This is no different. And it looks as if your always improving your self thus making your art better. I might not know much about drawing, (Writing was always my thing which I should get back into. I have a story coming soon to DA XD Shameless self plug, anyway back to this!) But I can say if you make a choice to do this for a living you have a good chance to go far. Never stop improving your self and always remember, you can always do even better as your get better!

Impact: I give you a 5 out of 5. Thus something I have nothing to really say because well there is nothing that needs to be said as you can just understand. THey are relaxing at a resort. On the beach getting ready to eat. This just explains its self with no furthermore needed input.

Brace your selfs because this is going to take everything we have ready on! "THIS IS AMAZING!" Good. That took a lot of breath away from us all who pitched in. Anyway, this image is clearly defined and refined as it looks so much nicer and cleaner. Why I say that because all his work has always been nice and clean(even the dirty stuff ). To me the fact it has such address to detail and shadow detailing it really makes me wish I could draw just to be half as good as his is. Now before I sign off with this Critique let me say. To the artest himself. Keep up the good work and always enjoy your self while you make this art because if you enjoy it. Your followers/fans will enjoy it as well. We all know true art comes from the heart and soul. And this is where I believe he draws from when he gets himself into it. Now if you excuse me I am going to see if I can sneek onto that Island! Hope you enjoyed reading this because I enjoyed writing it.

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